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January 16, 2014

Student Spotlight: Lisa Dolan '14

Student Spotlight: Lisa Dolan '14

Lisa Dolan ’14 is the founder of Savile Row Society, an exclusive men’s fashion club designed to enhance the personal branding of professional men. Learn how you can sharpen your game. 

What is unique about your company?
Savile Row Society (SRS) is unique when compared to other like-minded companies, because our customers choose how they want to interact with the site, from buying directly from “The Closet” or our lifestyle photography, to communicating with a personal stylist.

We differ from other online personal styling businesses in that, on our digital platform, we share all of our product images so that our clients can see exactly what they’re purchasing. We want to get to know our clients on a personal level to better cater to their needs, which is why we also open our showroom doors to all of our clients. They can come in, meet their stylist in person and try on our ready to wear clothes to make sure they’re ordering the perfect size.

How did you come up with idea?
During my five-year career in finance, the last 18 months were spent in the investment banking division of a well-known institution, where I toiled on the 43rd floor of a midtown Manhattan office building. It was there that I was exposed to the professional lives of incredibly skilled, hard-working, unassuming investment bankers. My prior work experiences were with a premier credit card provider with a great membership rewards program, as well as a boutique investment management firm.

Having graduated in the midst of a recession, I quickly recognized the importance of personal branding. Men today no longer remain with one company or profession for their entire career, making it much harder to create a brand for themselves. Personal image is more important than ever for career mobility and advancement.

In addition to this, I noted that most professional men today simply do not have the time, energy, or desire to go store-to-store shopping in order to enhance their personal image. This observation is what gave me the inspiration and drive to found Savile Row Society, Inc.

Which resources at Columbia and New York City have been most helpful to you?
Our team consists mostly of Columbia engineers who split their time between schoolwork and interning with Savile Row Society. Their expertise in engineering, web development and logistics has helped to enhance the inner workings of the company.

I am also very thankful for the counsel and advice from those at The Lang Center, and particularly the Columbia Entrepreneurs Lab. The resources and input of those involved with The Lang Center have been invaluable to Savile Row Society.

Lastly, I have greatly appreciated the counsel of Barbara Roberts and Derek Lee ’08. Their support throughout this process – coming to our events, and making themselves available for meetings – has definitely played a huge part in getting Savile Row Society to where it is today.

How can the community help you now?
The community can help Savile Row Society by spreading the word to friends and family.

To thank Columbia for all of the invaluable resources that have helped SRS, we have instituted the promo code CBS20 – anyone who uses CBS20 at checkout will receive $20 off of their first purchase. We want to make sure that we’re giving back to those who have helped us along the way.

How can people contact you?
As we are a digital platform, the best way to contact us would be through registering on the site, and chatting directly with a personal stylist.

We can also be reached at our company phone: 347.878.7280.

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