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February 15, 2014

Student Spotlight: Try The World: Kat Vorotova '14 and David Foult '14 SIPA

Student Spotlight: Try The World: Kat Vorotova '14 and David Foult '14 SIPA

Travel enthusiasts and Try The World co-founders Kat Vorotova ’14 and David Foult ’14 (SIPA) believe that life is too short to not try everything the world has to offer. So they created the first subscription program to discover the best gourmet food and cultural finds from across the globe - all delivered to your door.

What is unique about your company?
Try The World sources the best gourmet products around the globe. Members subscribe and receive a box from a different country every two months directly to their home. The global journey starts with the essence of enchanting Paris, lures you through the silhouettes of pagodas and captivates you with Rio’s samba beats – all through mouth-watering gourmet products matched with local music, film and culture tips. With many more an undiscovered location waiting within your mailbox, there’s no telling where you might find yourself next. When money and time don’t permit travel, Try The World brings travel to your doorstep. Boxes cost $45 with free shipping and the option exists to cancel anytime.

How did you come up with idea?

The company grew out of our passion for travel and food and our desire to share the joy of discovering something new with others. We have traveled to more than 50 countries between the two of us, and have always placed a strong emphasis on discovering local food during their adventures. We wanted to combine the growing trends of globalization, internet, and cultural curiosity so that more people could have the opportunity to try foods and discover art from around the world in a fun and convenient way.

Which resources at Columbia / New York City have been most helpful to you?
We completed a six-week incubator at Google HQ in New York and have since worked with the Lang Center taking part in the New Venture Track and Columbia Entrepreneurs Lab summer programs. We are currently working out of WeWork Labs in West Soho as well as from shared working space at Harlem Garage. We’ve also been able to pitch and participate in great events, recruit key team members from the school, and hear great feedback and ideas from the Columbia community. Being in New York City has been great for us because there are so many people here from across the states, and around the world, who support our idea and are willing to help.

How can the community help you now?
We are looking for enthusiastic people to join our team through our internship program. We are also seeking introductions to journalists, promotional opportunities, and investors.

How can people contact you?

Send us a note to

Fall 2014 Events

December 2, 2014

Entrepreneur in Residence Workshop - Jim Moore '95
"Building a Tech Company to Maximize the Outcome"
12:30-2:00PM, Uris Hall 307

December 2, 2014

Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Columbia Program
Admissions Event
6:00-9:00PM, Columbia Startup Lab-Wework

December 5, 2014

The Entrepreneurial Greenhouse Program
Admissions Event
9:00-5:00PM, Uris Hall 208, 329, 331, 332, 333

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