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May 4, 2014

Tim Bernal ’14 and Brian Louko ’14: Bringing window shopping to your phone

What is unique about your company?
Today, mobile shopping is complicated, ugly, and boring. We make it simple, beautiful, and fun while letting you set price alerts on desired styles with a swipe of a finger.  Some might call us a Tinder for Fashion.

How did you come up with the idea?
Brian loves deals; Tim loves shopping.  That’s s a match made in Heaven.  Additionally, we saw classmates in the library and even in class (gasp!) window shopping on their favorite ecommerce sites, but we realized no one really shopped on their phones.

We knew there would be a huge opportunity if someone could simplify ecommerce into a version that would work on a smartphone's small screen. Simplification works incredibly well on mobile. We saw blogging turn into Twitter, YouTube turn into Vine, and Online Dating turn into Tinder (an inspiration for our UX).  

Which resources at Columbia and New York City have been most helpful to you?
We took the Entrepreneurial Greenhouse Master class which provided tremendous feedback and support from both faculty and the fellow Greenhousers. Additionally, we rounded out our team with the Data Science and Technology Entrepreneurship class that matches MBA students with CS students. And last but not least, the alumni network has been invaluable in terms of making connections and preparing us for fundraising.

How can the community help you now?
There are two major initiatives we need help on: user acquisition and retail partnerships.  In terms of user acquisition - download our app ( and if you have any contacts in the fashion press, let us know!  In terms of retail, if you know any Digital Marketing or Biz Dev VPs at top retail brands, let us know!

How can the community get in touch with you?
Please reach us at,, or on twitter: @kwoller


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