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Columbia Startup Lab - Summer

We are pleased to announce the formation of a new co-working space and program for the summer, Columbia Startup Lab-Summer, located near the Morningside campus at Harlem Garage.

This Columbia Business School initiative will host up to 16 individuals at Harlem Garage and a total of about 30 teams in the programming portion of the initiative. The space at Harlem Garage is a dedicated co-working environment offered free of charge to admitted entrepreneurs.  Those students who do not require space for the summer are encouraged to apply to take part in the programming aspect of CSL-Summer. It is the aim of CSL-Summer to foster a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship by providing practical resources and mentorship to burgeoning Columbia Business School entrepreneurs who are committed to their ventures.

Applicants will be admitted who meet the following requirements:

  • Current MBA or EMBA student who will be enrolled at Columbia Business School through the fall semester
  • Defined venture idea including business model and rough market sizing
  • Commitment to work on venture during June through August
  • Available and committed to attending several lunch ‘n learn and evening panel events throughout the summer
  • Available and committed to attending two coaching sessions throughout the summer

CSL members will be expected to meet with mentors, define and report in on milestones, work on their ventures, make significant progress and offer something back to the other teams in the program.

There is no cost to students for program participation.


The application process is now closed.

Application Requirements

  • CSL summer applicants may apply as individuals or as formed teams
  • You must apply with at least a well-articulated business plan if not a prototype or minimal viable product
  • All teams must include at least one currently enrolled CBS student who will be returning to campus during the academic year

If you have questions, please submit to Sandra Merrill

Interested in working at a start-up over the summer instead?   Contact Mark Jordan in the Career Management Center for MBA-appropriate summer internship opportunities:

Mark Jordan
Associate Director, Business Development
Columbia Business School Career Management Center
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