Entrepreneur in Residence Program

The Entrepreneur in Residence Program features a highly accomplished group of industry professionals with expertise spanning various industries and business stages. Columbia University students, alumni, faculty and staff from across the campus who are launching businesses are encouraged to take advantage of this valuable resource.

Upcoming Events

April 11, 2017, 12:30-2:00 p.m.
Uris Hall 303
#DigitalBanking: Emerging Markets Leapfrogging Into Financial Inclusion with Austin Okere

Entrepreneurs in Residence

Laurence Blumberg '94, MD
Co-founder, President and CEO, Syntimmune, Inc.
Expertise: healthcare; venture capital; fundraising; product development; operations; strategy
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Bob Dorf
7x Founder; 27x Investor, Co-Author, Startup Owner's Manual
Expertise: business model optimization; revenue; marketing; CRM; e-commerce
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Derek Lee '08
Founder, properly.io
Expertise: advertising; digital marketing; business development; finance; business strategy
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Austin Okere
CEO, Computer Warehouse Group
Expertise: innovation; technology; emerging markets; teaching
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Please contact Chris Bustamante to make an appointment.

David Olk '11
Co-founder, Voray
Expertise: fundraising; relationship management; strategic planning; mergers and acquisitions; finance; ecommerce
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Lauren Perkins
Founder and CEO, Perks Consulting
Expertise: brand; community; marketing strategy; strategic planning; social listening
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Kevin Quinn '91
Founder, Genki Advisory LLC
Expertise: business plan development; capital raise; healthcare IT; consumer products 
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Barbara Roberts 
Chair, Tiger 21
Expertise: startups; growth and exit strategies
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Asha Saxena
CEO, Aculyst Corp.
Expertise: big data; analytics; tech startups; data-driven business
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Clifford Schorer 
Director, Entrepreneur in Residence Program 
Expertise: emerging markets; corporate development; social entrepreneurship; strategic partnerships; financial modeling
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Please contact Chris Bustamante to make an appointment.

Wim Sweldens 
CEO, Kiswe Mobile
Expertise: software development; computer science; telecommunications; product management; business strategy
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Important Information for Students and Alumni:‚Äč

  1. If your session is by telephone or Skype, the EIR will call the number/username you provide at the time of your appointment. 

  2. If you are unable to keep your appointment, please reach out to the EIR directly at least TWO DAYS in advance. If you are late for your appointment or miss it entirely without having given advance notice, you will be barred from participating in the program for the following term.

  3. If an EIR is booked and/or does not have any available slots and you are in urgent need of a session, please contact the Lang Center at entprog@columbia.edu. We will attempt to set up a special session with your chosen EIR.

Questions: Chris Bustamante, cb3163@gsb.columbia.edu.

For additional advisors, visit Columbia Tech Ventures and Columbia Engineering.