Entrepreneurial Sounding Board

The Entrepreneurial Sounding Board provides an opportunity for Columbia Business School students and alumni to schedule confidential, 60-minute sessions with seasoned business practitioners to discuss their entrepreneurial ideas and potential business opportunities. Book an appointment to receive real-world expertise, next-step action items, and, in many cases, links to additional support from appropriate mentors.

Please keep in mind this important information after booking an appointment.

Spring 2016 Sounding Board Practitioners

Founder and Chief Growth Advisor, Trailblaze Growth Advisors
Expertise: branding; marketing; communications; product launch; implementing integrated campaigns; engineering; scaling
Appointments take place by telephone.

Vice President of Marketing, Happy Family Brands
Expertise: innovation; communications; marketing channel strategies; consumer insights; retail; packaging and design
Appointments take place by telephone or in the Financial District.

Partner, Business Law Department, Goodwin Procter LLP
Expertise: company formation and organization; legal issues regarding companies; venture capital; mergers and acquisitions; private equity; corporate counseling
Appointments take place by telephone or at Stephen Davis's Office - 620 Eighth Avenue.

Co-Founder and CEO, Skip Hop
Expertise: consumer goods; marketing; product development; retail; wholesale; sales; scaling
Appointments take place by telephone or at Michael Diamant's Office - 50 West 23rd Street.

Managing Partner, One Line Partners
Expertise: search funds; operations management; entrepreneurial acquisitions; innovation design; early stage investing; market analysis; leadership
Appointments take place by telephone or at Columbia Startup Lab - 69 Charlton Street.

Co-Founder, LOLA
Expertise: e-commerce; operations; branding; fundraising
Appointments take place by telephone or in-person in Midtown.

Managing Director, Carldan Capital LLC
Expertise: financial services; consumer goods; new ventures; career mentoring; business key success factors; consulting; marketing; sales
Appointments take place by telephone or in-person.

Co-Founder, Away
Expertise: retail; e-commerce; merchandising; inventory management; branding; marketing; presentation and pitch skills; purchasing; product development
Appointments take place by telephone or at Steph Korey's Office - 132 Mulberry Street #4C.

Partner, SoftTech VC
Expertise: venture capital; business strategy; product development; e-commerce; strategic partnerships
Appointments take place by telephone. Note: appointments are reserved for current students and alumni who have graduated within the past three years.

Principal, Stripes Group
Expertise: private equity; venture capital; private placements; raising growth capital; Internet; SaaS; branded consumer products; investment banking
Appointments take place at Jason Santiago's office - 402 West 13th Street.

Co-Founder, Olapic​
Expertise: internet; technology; ecommerce; Saas
Appointments take place at Luis Sanz's office - 250 Vesey Street, 4th Floor.

CEO, Greater Good Ventures 
Adjunct Professor, Columbia Business School
Expertise: disruptive innovation; sports; e-commerce; marketing; startups; social enterprise; venture capital
Appointments take place at Uris Hall, Columbia Startup Lab, or in midtown Manhattan.

Co-Founder and CEO, EpiBone
Expertise: startups; regenerative medicine; academia versus industry; biotechnology
Appointments take place by Skype, telephone, or in-person.

Co-CEO and Co-Founder, Try the World
Expertise: running and scaling startups; e-commerce; strategy consulting
Appointments take place by telephone.

Vice President, Lightbank
Expertise: enterprise software; marketplaces; mobile; vertical software; IOT
Appointments take place by telephone.

Important Information for Students and Alumni:​

  1. If your session is by telephone or Skype, the practitioner will call the number/username you provide at the time of your appointment. 

  2. If you are unable to keep your appointment, please reach out to the practitioner directly at least TWO DAYS in advance. If you are late for your appointment or miss it entirely without having given advance notice, you will be barred from participating in the program for the following term.

  3. If a practitioner is booked and/or does not have any available slots and you are in urgent need of a Sounding Board session, please contact the Lang Center at entprog@columbia.edu. We will attempt to set up a special Sounding Board session with your chosen practitioner.

For additional advisors, visit Columbia Tech Ventures and Columbia Engineering.