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Glenn HubbardAs a business executive, you experience the tide of global change in ways few others do. You know that to manage this tide, which will only intensify, you must build upon your existing foundation with skills that are timeless and flexible. Many features distinguish our offerings, but I will highlight three. The first is our globally recognized faculty members. They share knowledge as researchers and authors, and from years of teaching MBA students and working with organizations like yours.

A second factor is global perspective. Executives from more than 60 countries create a dynamic exchange of ideas that can make a vital difference in your career.

A third is New York City. It forms the firmament from which our community draws intellectual strength and creates a learning environment like no other in the world. I encourage you to learn more. Above all, I invite you to join us for what I promise will be an indelible academic experience.

Glenn Hubbard
Dean and Russell L. Carson Professor of Finance and Economics


Mike MalefakisWe design our executive education programs to maximize your return on learning. I have seen how executive education programs can make a profound difference for individuals and their organizations. Frequently, I hear from executives who share stories of how they have successfully used concepts, strategies, and tools they’ve learned from our programs.

At Columbia Business School Executive Education, we strive to meet executives’ and their organizations’ needs for solutions that can be implemented immediately and in the long-term to address their real-world challenges.

From leadership and management to finance, marketing, strategy, and social enterprise, our portfolio offers options to increase knowledge and practical tools that will help you achieve success at every stage of your career.

I invite you to explore our programs. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for additional information about the portfolio, specific programs, or a custom program for your firm. I wish you the very best for your professional development.

Michael Malefakis
Associate Dean of Executive Education

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