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Executive Well-Being Program

Tackle The Recession with Columbia Business School Executive Education


All too often, a fast-paced business environment means stress, poor nutrition, and lack of exercise, all of which detract from one's quality of life.

The Columbia Senior Executive Program focuses on the total executive to help you find a balance between your professional life and personal growth. To promote better work-life balance, participants in the program are offered the opportunity to attend Executive Well-Being sessions that address physical and mental needs and help develop positive lifestyle practices.

Howie Berg, director of the Executive Well-Being Program, will work with you on your specific individual goals be it weight control, improving heart health, building stronger muscles, or even learning how to swim. In addition to the personal attention, executives will also have an opportunity to bond with their classmates in group exercise sessions, volleyball, basketball, swimming, running, or walking.

The daily late afternoon sessions provide an opportunity to stretch your legs and improve your overall health before regrouping for the evening activities.

Howard Berg, Executive Well-Being Program

Howard Berg has successfully worked with thousands of international executives through Columbia Business School Executive Education.

Founder of TOTAL FITNESS, a fitness and recreation consulting group serving corporate, community, and individual concerns, Mr. Berg's clients include Allianz, Combustion Engineering, Ericsson, ING, Kone, Novartis, and SCM.

In addition to Mr. Berg's work with Executive Education, he is an adaptive physical education teacher working with special needs children in the New Canaan Public School system.

Hear from Participants



"It's a reminder of the importance to set aside time to nourish the body and soul to ensure maximum performance as a leader."


   Shirley Robertson
   Customer Operations Manager
   ConnectEast Group


"I had never done this before in Thailand due to my time restriction. The program ignited my determination to do this at home in Thailand. It was very useful."


   Adul Chotinisakorn
   Executive Director
   Royal Thai Government