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Visionary and inspiring, our new online programs meet the professional development needs of busy executives virtually and allow for a flexible learning schedule. Online learning is a convenient option for both individuals and teams.

In all of our online programs, you will have many opportunities to connect with other participants, and you will interact directly with faculty members in live sessions: ask questions, discuss your ideas, and share your experiences.

Here are some details on our current and upcoming online offerings:

Personal Leadership (Online) and Driving Strategic Impact (Online) run for 10–12 weeks, with two to three sessions each week. Each session has approximately 60 minutes of video lectures and 30 minutes of reflection and group discussion.

Program Director: Hitendra Wadhwa, Professor of Professional Practice, Marketing Division

COMING SOON: Global Leadership (Online)

Global Leadership (Online) will help executives take advantage of today’s complex, interdependent business environment in order to become sophisticated leaders. In this program, you will enhance the following skills:

  • Solve problems more creatively
  • Prioritize and focus for greater efficiency
  • Build more social capital
  • Balance risk with potential outcomes
  • Manage diversity more effectively
  • Communicate in new ways that create a more innovative organizational culture

Program Directors:

Paul Ingram, Kravis Professor of Business, Management Division, and Faculty Director of the Columbia Senior Executive Program

Sheena S. Iyengar, S. T. Lee Professor of Business, Management Division

William R. Duggan, Senior Lecturer in Business, Management Division, and Faculty Director of Strategic Intuition

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The Certificate in Business Excellence (CIBE) is awarded to participants who complete a total of 18 program days within a four-year period.

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