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Visionary and inspiring, Columbia Business School Executive Education’s new online programs provide executives a different way to experience executive education and expand their learning opportunities through flexible online sessions. Designed in a completely new way, these online programs are engaging, interactive, collaborative and sophisticated.

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Designed, filmed and produced with TV and film-making sensibilities, Columbia Business School Executive Education’s online programs deliver and engaging experience online that is “like watching an interactive TV channel loaded with information and insights,” as one past participant described the experience.

On-location video-lectures are mixed with videos of classroom and then combined with online discussions, quizzes and exercises, online learning groups, and forums to create a dynamic experience where participants interact not only with faculty but with one another. Participants will have the opportunity to build a virtual global learning community. Through this community, participants share valuable insights – such as their own challenges and how they are working through them – that add to the learning experience. This also creates a great platform for teams within a company to learn together and collaborate.

As Columbia Business School’s thought leaders are embracing the online medium, high-level executives will continue to find leading-edge content, tools and training to meet their business needs.

Our online programs deliver carefully crafted thought-provoking curriculum in a format that is accessible anytime from anywhere while maintaining engagement among participants and faculty members. Participants will work through a series of modules, incorporating video lectures, their own work, and collaborative exercises to gain insights and new tools that they can implement immediately. Each week, participants will have access to new learning modules and will be self-directed, learning at their own pace. A key element is the series of activities that are available between the videos modules intentionally designed to enhance learning. These video modules are available anytime, allowing for a truly flexible learning experience. Faculty members are also available throughout the program.

Upon completion of these programs, participants will earn one day towards a Certificate in Business Excellence and receive a Certificate of Completion from Columbia Business School Executive Education.

Programs run for 10–12 weeks with approximately two to three hours of content and exercises per week. Programs also include live, interactive webinars led by Columbia Business School faculty and opportunities for online interaction and relationship-building with other participants.

Currently, two programs are being offered in the online format: Personal Leadership (Online) and Driving Strategic Impact (Online). Both programs are offered in two formats: the Essentials Edition and the Executive Edition. The Executive Edition offers approximately six additional hours of content and two one-on-one coaching sessions. The format of these programs is appropriate for executives of all levels.


Find the right program for you, a blend of scholarly research and practical approaches, delivered as only Columbia can deliver.

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Find the right program for you, delivered as only Columbia can deliver.


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