Personal Leadership (Online)

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	Anthony  Madonna
Anthony Madonna
Senior Director, Learning Solutions

"The way the content was delivered – through an online platform but with such a personal touch – was incredible."
– Carolina Menezes, Ernst & Young

Inspired by Professor Hitendra Wadhwa's teachings on Personal Leadership in Columbia Business School's MBA Program and Executive Education courses, Personal Leadership (Online) uses breakthrough research in psychology, neuroscience, and psychotherapy to provide powerful techniques for tangible personal improvements and greater leadership skills. The online program offers a distinctive set of video-lectures, delivered with a flexible learning schedule, and self-reflection exercises that maintain engagement among participants and faculty members.

Personal Leadership (Online) is a unique leadership program based on research and focusing on a rigorous study of the inner lives of great leaders. The program provides powerful insights and tools to help you gain mastery over your goals, values, purpose, thoughts, emotions, beliefs, mindsets and motivations, so you can operate at your best in all moments, become a more effective leader, build stronger relationships, and experience greater fulfillment at work and in life.

Participants will experience a 12-week, 20-session program that includes two live-streamed sessions with Professor Wadhwa plus the opportunity to connect, share, discuss, and practice with other participants

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