Future of Learning Forum

Mar 10, 2017 $890
	Anthony  Madonna
Anthony Madonna
Senior Director, Learning Solutions
Columbia University Campus
New York City
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"By bringing together professors and researchers from across Columbia University and the business community, the Forum promises once again to be a day rich with dialogue about the challenges, opportunities, and prospects of the future."
– Michael Malefakis, Associate Dean of Executive Education

Future of Learning Forum

Participants during a networking session at the Future of Learning Forum

Each year, Columbia Business School Executive Education invites select leaders of talent and learning from diverse organizations to engage in a dialogue about the roles they play in their organizations and exchange ideas about the future of learning with thought leaders from academia and industry.

The 2016 Forum on Friday, March 4 is organized around the theme of Connected Learning through various perspectives. On one level, there is the connection between the rational, cognitive, emotional and behavioral parts of the self. On another, there is the question of what motivates people to connect to each other to learn, as opposed to learning on one’s own. We will explore where these connections work best and how large organizations can promote, design, and leverage these connections and develop their employees most effectively.

Questions explored during this year's Forum will be:

  • What is Connected Learning?
  • What would we like to know that we do not know today?
  • How can each of us help others learn better?
  • What is the future of learning?

The Future of Learning Forum is the place to find inspiration and challenge ideas that will shape the learning strategies for millions of people. To be considered for the next Forum, please complete the application.

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