Implementing Innovation

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Innovation isn’t just about coming up with new ideas: it’s also about putting them into action. Over four days of Implementing Innovation, you will learn how to make innovation a process that can be repeated, sustained, and executed more successfully.

Reinventing Innovation

Companies today are hungry for innovation.  But companies fail to implement most of the innovations they invent, buy, or borrow.  Many leaders and managers need not only cost-effective methods to implement product or process innovations, but capabilities for innovating which can be sustained and repeated.

Implementing Innovation is about both learning and doing.  When you participate in the program, you will learn how to overcome obstacles to innovating, and you will start overcoming them.Implementing Innovation tackles the topic on a personalized level. You will work on a specific innovative challenge and engage in pre-work before the program begins. During the program, you'll work in small groups, and when the program concludes, you'll go back to your organization with an action plan. After the program, you can elect to receive continued support from Columbia Business School—checking in on your progress related to your company's innovative challenge.