Winning People's Support (Online)

Puja Gupta
Puja Gupta
Director, Programs and Product Management
Institute for Personal Leadership

"To handle yourself, use your head; to handle others, use your heart."
– Eleanor Roosevelt

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To have a meaningful impact in life and leadership, it isn’t enough to simply have the right idea. We need to overcome other people’s resistance, accommodate others’ interests without compromising our own, forge a collaborative path, resolve conflict, and get key stakeholders aligned along a winning path. Winning People’s Support provides a powerful set of insights and tools to help you navigate the interpersonal and organizational challenges that inevitably arise on the road to success in life and leadership.

You will acquire a set of concrete principles and techniques for how to turn conflict into collaboration, disagree constructively, say “no”, and respond gracefully to criticism. You will learn how to influence others strategically – not simply to meet expedient, short-term needs but to drive sustained impact over the course of your career. You will learn what it takes to get people to trust you, and acquire a practical toolkit to build trust-based relationships.

Winning People’s Support will help you appreciate how your greatest asset as a leader is your personal brand, and will teach you how to build your brand from the inside-out. You will walk away with the core people skills you need to maximize your impact in life and leadership.