Digital Marketing Strategy Week

Jun 13-17, 2016 $8,950
Nov 14-18, 2016 $8,950
Jun 12-16, 2017 $8,950
Nov 13-17, 2017 $8,950
	Liz N. Schultz
Liz N. Schultz
Senior Associate Director, Learning Solutions
Columbia University Campus
New York City
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"This program allowed me to focus for a week and rewrite our marketing business model and business plan."
– Past Participant Ross Johnston, Vice President at ERC Simulations

Past participants and faculty director David Rogers share their experience at the program.

Digital Marketing Strategy Week combines the three-day Digital Marketing Strategy program that presents the case studies, tools and best practices to gain competitive advantage online with the two-day Digital Marketing Strategy 2 workshop where participants develop a real-world strategic plan, with the help of peers and faculty members.

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