Pricing Analytics: The Art and Science of Profitable Growth

Mar 31 - Apr 1, 2016 $3,550
	Alberto O. Cruz
Alberto O. Cruz
Assistant Director, Learning Solutions
Columbia University Campus
New York City
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"The use by many companies of dynamic pricing to better target customers and improve performance is one of the most exciting and productive uses of so-called 'big data' and business analytics today. This program will give you the basic concepts needed to recognize opportunities for pricing improvement within your organization and how to realize them."
– Robert Phillips, Faculty Director and Professor of Professional Practice

Pricing Analytics

With annual organic growth for consumer products companies hovering around two percent, market leaders are approaching new ways of driving performance through an integrated approach to pricing planning, collaborating, and execution.

Pricing Analytics is a two-day program focused on teaching executives how to use business analytics to understand your customers and determine the right prices and products to target them. Participants will learn how to develop this as a key business capability and understand why pricing analytics needs to be incorporated into an effective business process and linked to corporate strategy in order to be effective.

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