Emerging Leader Development Program

Oct 23-28, 2016 $10,550
	Alberto O. Cruz
Alberto O. Cruz
Assistant Director, Learning Solutions

Spring: Columbia University Campus
New York City
Fall: IBM Palisades
30 minutes outside of New York City

"Outstanding balance of theory, experiential learning and sharing between participants. A week well spent towards my future career development."
– Lynne Knittel, Manager Corporate Benefits, Barnes Group Inc

Emerging Leader Development Program

Program participants discuss their 360 degree leadership feedback – an integral part of the program.

The Emerging Leader Development Program provides participants with a wide range of learning opportunities. A 360-degree feedback tool, combined with one-on-one consultation on the results, helps participants take an in-depth look at their leadership strengths and weaknesses.

The program covers several key business skills, always with a focus on how to apply them, both personally and within an organizational context. Effective leadership, strategy formulation, better decision making and negotiating skills, and successful change management form the core of the program's curriculum.

For a complete program schedule download the agenda.

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