Leading Business Change Through Analytics

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	Anthony  Madonna
Anthony Madonna
Senior Director, Learning Solutions

"A great program that blends overall theory and vision with practical execution. Learning from [Filippo Passarini] is an exceptional experience."
– Program Participant Linda Chan, Director of Business Intelligence at NBTY

Leading Business Change Through Analytics

Faculty director Filippo Passerini, former CIO from Procter & Gamble, teaching at the program.

Leading Business Change Through Analytics integrates all the elements necessary for true business transformation: world and business trends, digital technology, innovation, strategy creation, and business models, all focused through the lens of business intelligence and analytics.

Participants will examine a blend of concepts and concrete “practitioner” business experience, paying specific attention to the leadership and management capabilities that drive successful organizations. The program makes strong use of case studies, highly interactive sessions, and role-plays. It also touches on situational leadership, active listening, and conflict management: personal skills fundamental to success in today’s business world.

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