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Transform your professional life at a program with Columbia Business School Executive Education. Our programs bring you right to the very center of business, immersing you in relevant information and providing you with actionable skills that you can use both immediately and over the long term.

Focused on learning that produces results, our programs cover all the major areas of business. Whatever challenge you are facing within your organization, you can find a solution at Columbia Business School Executive Education.

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Our Marketing Programs

Deepen your marketing and innovation skills in programs that explore specific, fast-changing areas within the field.

New Program: Brand Leadership: Strategy, Management, and Performance
This program gives you the knowledge, skills, and tools to lead your brand for maximum impact in today's global and digital marketplace.

New Program: Business-to-Business Marketing Strategy
Learn the strategy behind customer engagement when the customer is an organization, not an individual or household, and acquire the tools to implement this strategy to build competitive advantage.

Digital Marketing Strategy, Digital Marketing Strategy II, and Digital Marketing Strategy Week
Learn the concepts, best practices, and tools to reach digitally savvy audiences, build deep customer relationships, and create new markets, products, and business models with Digital Marketing Strategy. Then develop your own strategic digital marketing plan for your organization or business in Digital Marketing Strategy II. Take the two programs in succession during Digital Marketing Strategy Week.

New Program: Digital Storytelling Strategy
Digital Storytelling Strategy puts you at the center of new media. Learn how the immersive digital experience can be used to engage customers and prospects in a whole new way.

Marketing and Innovation: Igniting Creativity to Add Value
This program will show you how to drive innovation by generating creative solutions to the challenges of new product design and positioning.

Pricing Analytics: The Art and Science of Profitable Growth
This program focuses on using business analytics to understand customers and determine the right prices and products to target them.



Find the right program for you, a blend of scholarly research and practical approaches, delivered as only Columbia can deliver.

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The Certificate in Business Excellence (CIBE) is awarded to participants who complete a total of 18 program days within a four-year period.

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