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Transform your professional life at a program with Columbia Business School Executive Education. Our programs bring you right to the very center of business, immersing you in relevant information and providing you with actionable skills that you can use both immediately and over the long term.

Focused on learning that produces results, our programs cover all the major areas of business. Whatever challenge you are facing within your organization, you can find a solution at Columbia Business School Executive Education.

Please let us know if you are interested in learning more about our strategy programs:

Our Strategy Programs

In our strategy programs, you will use real-world challenges as the basis for learning how to create strategic frameworks and the processes to implement them.

Creating and Executing Breakthrough Strategy
Introduces the Strategic Learning process – a unique way of integrating strategic analysis, focus, alignment and execution – and gives practical guidelines for implementing new strategic directions.

New Program: Digital Business Strategy
Leading the Next-Generation Enterprise
Digital Business Strategy focuses on big data analytics, experiment-driven innovation, and disruptive business models to address your organization’s future in the digital age.

Driving Strategic Impact: Mastering Strategy Consulting Skills
Learn tools used by top-tier consulting firms to become more effective at analyzing and resolving strategic problems for your organization and clients.

Driving Strategic Impact (Online)
Delivered in a flexible learning schedule, participants use video-lectures, exercises, and online engagement to learn tools used by top-tier consulting firms for more effective analysis and resolution of strategic problems.

Implementing Innovation
Learn the tools to incorporate innovation into your organization's DNA, allowing you to support continuous innovation based on your organization's specific situation and challenges.

New Program: Leading Business Change Through Analytics
Leading Business Change Through Analytics enables senior managers to drive business decisions more efficiently with data.

Leading Strategic Growth and Change
Focuses on finding opportunities, launching new ventures, and leading necessary organizational changes to revitalize an organization.

New Program Media Platforms and Content (Online)
Participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of today’s media platforms through a series of sequential video-lectures, live sessions, and faculty interaction delivered in an online classroom.

Strategic Intuition
Based on William Duggan's books, this program offers breakthrough ideas, methods, and tools for generating creative ideas that are also strategic.

New Program Strategic Intuition (Online): From Mind to Method to Action
In this 10-week online program, participants learn what strategic intuition is, how it works, and how to apply it.



Find the right program for you, a blend of scholarly research and practical approaches, delivered as only Columbia can deliver.

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The Certificate in Business Excellence (CIBE) is awarded to participants who complete a total of 18 program days within a four-year period.

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