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Programs in Social Enterprise

Greetings from Professor Ray Horton

Our mission at the Programs in Social Enterprise at Columbia Business School Executive Education is very simple: to help develop leaders in the all-important nonprofit sector locally, nationally, and internationally by offering high-quality and accessible management training programs.

We're able to do this because we draw from Columbia Business School's substantial resources, including faculty who are outstanding scholars and teachers, MBA content appropriately adapted to the nonprofit sector, classrooms and other facilities, and more than three decades of graduates from earlier nonprofit programs who continue to support our efforts.

We run two open enrollment programs, the Senior Leaders Program and the Developing Leaders Program to address the needs of nonprofit professionals at various stages in their careers. To learn more about those programs, please visit the open enrollment programs web page.

In addition, the Programs in Social Enterprise develop focused custom programs, including international programs, for government agencies as well as nonprofits. For more information on the custom opportunities, please visit the custom programs web page.

As a long-standing management professor, I can tell you for certain that while good management always counts, it really counts in tough times like the period we're facing. Many nonprofits are going to face steep declines in public revenues at the same time they experience increased demand for their services.

We're here to do all we can to help nonprofit organizations do their best to protect their services and mission. I invite you to learn more about our programs.

Kind regards,

Ray Horton
Faculty Director, Programs in Social Enterprise
Frank R. Lautenberg Professor of Ethics and Corporate Governance

Matt Harty
Deputy Director, Programs in Social Enterprise


Professor Ray Horton


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