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Tuition Assistance guidelines for The Senior Leaders Program & The Developing Leaders Program

• You must be a full time employee of a 501(c)(3) organization.

• We determine need for tuition assistance based on the organization's most recent Audited Financial Statement or 990. Typically, only organizations whose annual revenue is less than $5 million are granted tuition assistance.

• Full scholarships are not available.

• Our funding, in the past, has allowed us to grant up to a 50 percent scholarship from some organizations.

• Scholarships are allocated on a sliding scale, based on agency need.

• Sponsorship funds are based on support we receive from foundations for participants from their grantee organizations or for those working in particular fields of service or geographic locations.

• Additional tuition assistance from specific foundations and intermediaries may also be available.

• We also encourage applicants to work with their agency's development director to seek support from their funders and to apply to the program regardless of financial need.

• You must apply and be accepted into the program before we begin to determine your organization's eligibility for tuition assistance.