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The New Strategy Playbook for the Transient Advantage Economy

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During the 30–minute complimentary webinar, Professor McGrath will discuss how strategy needs to change as we recognize the reality of short-lived competitive advantage in research presented in her new book The End of Competitive Advantage, which is forthcoming in June.

The practices that companies who thrive in a transient advantage context are:

– Continuous Reconfiguration rather than dramatic restructurings

– Healthy Disengagement from old advantages

– Deft Resource Allocation, that moves resources from old advantages to more promising ones

– Innovation as an ongoing continuous process rather than on again off again

– A Discovery Driven Mindset that encourages learning and candor

– Entrepreneurial Career Management, rather than relying on a corporate hierarchy to develop your own capabilities

The webinar will conclude with suggestions for practices that companies can use to improve their effectiveness and overcome the most common traps.

Professor McGrath is faculty director of Leading Strategic Growth and Change and teaches in the Columbia Senior Executive Program.