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The Power of the Leadership Credo

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This complimentary webinar explores what a leadership credo is and how it brings value to your career and organization. The 30-minute webinar covers:

- How developing a credo can help leaders communicate to achieve strategic goals.

- Understanding your own credo ensures messages are authentic and natural because they are grounded in a leader's beliefs.

- How a credo can help persuade others to follow a leader based on the beliefs he or she conveys.

- The power of storytelling in communication and the role a credo plays in delivering those messages.

Developing a leadership credo is an important element of the Columbia Senior Executive Program and the Columbia Senior Executive Program 2x2 Option, led by Professor Paul Ingram. During the webinar, Craven will also discuss how he and Ingram weave the credo into the program, allowing executives to test their approach in a learning environment.