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Webinar: Yes You Can Innovate

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Innovation is one of the most important growth engines, and creativity is one of its key drivers. In order to innovate, we are exhorted to "think outside the box" – to brainstorm without restraint in hopes of coming up with a breakthrough idea that will bring us out of a slump. Sometimes this works, but many times it does not.

In this webinar Professors Johar and Goldenberg will discuss the illusions of freedom of thought and how an "inside the box" approach can unleash your creativity more effectively. Yes, we do mean INSIDE the box.

"Inside the Box" is the name of Professor Goldenberg's book that demonstrates how structured approaches and working in one's familiar world can enhance new ideas independent of specific problems. This approach seems to be counterintuitive at first, but has been supported by many research studies, and has already instilled a different, additional way of creative thinking into companies such as Procter & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, GE, AXA, Nestlé, and other industry leaders.

Professor Johar adds: "Some innovative products have a special characteristic about them that makes us think, "Gee, why didn't I think of that?" We feel a sense of surprise about these products because the creative solution was contained in a relatively small space surrounding the problem. Often, the best creative solutions happen "right under our nose."

Professor Johar is the faculty director of the Marketing and Innovation program.