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Why Columbia Business School

Find yourself at the center of new ideas — where world-renowned scholars and practitioners share groundbreaking ideas across all areas of business. Where cutting-edge insights are informed by the world’s leading-edge business environment: New York City.

Columbia Business School Executive Education’s broad spectrum of programs deliver the frameworks and tools you need to meet the challenges you face not only today, but in the future.

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Our Approach

Our programs allow you to accelerate your learning within a dynamic, interactive environment and with peers from around the world.

  • Grounded in the latest research, Columbia Business School Executive Education programs help participants think at higher levels and develop skills that are applicable immediately and drive long-term results.
  • An action-oriented approach addresses the conditions and challenges executives face — because the true measure of an executive education program’s effectiveness is how well the information can be applied to solutions in the work environment.
  • All programs are designed around experiential learning, combining real-life case studies, role plays, simulations, and personal cases to maximize learning opportunities.
  • Encouraged by the atmosphere of open communication and collaboration, participants enjoy a stimulating exchange of ideas with faculty, practitioners, and peers that extends learning beyond the classroom.

We offer programs for individuals and for organizations to address executives' specific goals and needs for themselves, their teams, and their organizations.

Columbia’s faculty members are thought leaders, pioneering researchers, advisers, practitioners, and communicators able to bridge theory to practice, providing the most relevant information for today’s business environment.

High-caliber executives from around the world use dynamic learning environments to sharpen their skills, expand their perspectives, and generate insights with lasting impact. Programs take place on campus, offering vibrant energy of a collegiate atmosphere, and at off-site facilities, which offer the opportunity for focused collaboration and learning. Participants own rich business experience further cultivates engaging discussions for greater insight.



Find the right program for you, a blend of scholarly research and practical approaches, delivered as only Columbia can deliver.

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Executive Education 2016 Catalog

2016 Program Catalog

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Earn Your Certificate

The Certificate in Business Excellence (CIBE) is awarded to participants who complete a total of 18 program days within a four-year period.

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