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Marketing Seminars

Spring 2015 Seminar Speakers

Every semester, we invite recognized scholars from around the world to present their research on a wide variety of marketing topics. Seminars begin at 12:30 p.m. unless otherwise noted and our current schedule is listed below.

Spring 2015 Schedule

Date and Location Seminar Speaker
January 29
Uris 307
Dina Mayzlin (USC) CV
February 12
Uris 326
Eesha Sharma (Dartmouth) CV
March 5
Uris 332
Navdeep Sahni (Stanford) CV
March 26
Uris 333
Alexandre de Corniere (Oxford) CV
April 2
Uris 303
Tom Cunningham (IIES) CV
April 16
Uris 333
Stephan Seiler (Stanford) CV
April 30
Uris 307
Cait Lamberton (Pitt) CV

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Four-School Marketing Seminar

In April we join our faculty colleagues at New York University, Wharton and Yale for the annual Four-School Marketing Seminar, which is hosted on a rotating basis. One speaker from each school presents at the full-day event, which concludes with a cocktail reception. This year's event is hosted by Yale University.

Columbia Marketing Camp

Every year the division hosts a “marketing camp” for faculty members, PhD students and visiting scholars. Four guest speakers are invited to present their research followed by evening activities and dinner. This year’s guest speakers: Simona Botti, London Business School; Gunter Hitsch, University of Chicago Booth School of Business; Stijn Van Osselaer, Rotterdam School of Management; and Jiwoong Shin, Yale School of Management.

Brown Bag Seminar Series

During the summer months, the Columbia community is invited to the Brown Bag “get to know your faculty” Seminars where marketing faculty members share their research projects.

Columbia Ideas at Work

Chris Borland Makes the Hard Choice to Go Long

Chris Borland’s dramatic decision to retire at age 24 can teach us all something about the way we value the present and make hard decisions about the future.

photo ©Steve Schar/Flickr

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Clinton's 2016 Logo "Fail" Not Likely to Lose Voters

Criticism of the campaign logo dominated social media conversations around Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential bid. But logos are just a small part of a brand, and by the time election day rolls around, #logogate is likely to be long forgotten.

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Your Secrets Are Weighing You Down

Research finds the experience of keeping a secret is akin to carrying a physical weight, diminishing motivation and performance.

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Trading Up

New research suggests access to high-income export markets could raise productivity and profitability for businesses across the developing world

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Low-Calorie Menus Could Be Making Us Fat

When lighter options are grouped together, diners opt for heavier meals.

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Can't Meet Anyone Online? It's Not All Your Fault.

Seeking a match online? Whether its a new job or a date, fewer choices may lead to better matches.

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To Anchor a Negotiation, Two Points May Be Better Than One

Opening ranges offer negotiators unexpected benefits both in relationships and final settlements

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The High Cost of Climate Uncertainty

Using nearly a century and a half of stock market data, researchers consider individual tolerance for risk to put a more accurate price on carbon and stave off the worst effects of climate change.

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Up in Smoke

As countries around the world roll out climate change policies, carbon divestment moves from moral high ground to financial imperative.

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