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Behavioral Research Lab


The Behavioral Research Laboratory at Columbia Business School is a centralized facility available to all Business School faculty, post-doctoral scholars, and doctoral students that conduct survey and experimental research into human behavior.

The Behavioral Lab acts as a hub, connecting Business School researchers with in-person and online participants in behavioral research. The Lab serves as a crucial center of scholarly productivity at Columbia University, facilitating over 50 separate studies every semester and, on an average week, conducting 104 hours of research, bringing in 270 participants, and spending $1,250 in participant compensation.

The Behavioral Research Lab offers the following resources:

  • It builds and maintains databases of individuals willing to participate in human subjects research and organizes studies both online and offline.
  • It provides experiment rooms containing various research tools and technologies.
  • It recruits and maintains a pool of lab research assistants eager to gain experience and contribute to the research process.


The Laboratory’s equipment includes:

  • Thirty eight computers spread across two computer labs and two large experimental rooms equipped with smaller, private break-out rooms.
  • Sophisticated physiological equipment capable of measuring cardiac output (blood pressure, skin conductance, EKG, etc), and cortisone levels from saliva.
  • An advanced, integrated Eye Tracking system, Tobii TX300, which captures highly accurate tracking information from participants in natural settings.


Behavioral Lab researchers are actively involved in the investigation of human decision making, interaction, and behavior, studying everyday activities such as customers’ brand selection, impression formation, and the internal and external influences on individual and team decision making. The research makes important contributions to the fields of psychology, sociology, and business.

Management and Affiliated Faculty

The Behavioral Research Laboratory’s faculty Director is Katherine W. Phillips, the Paul Calello Professor of Leadership and Ethics at Columbia Business School.

Behavioral Research Lab-affiliated faculty members include: Modupe Akinola, Daniel Ames, Joel Brockner, Sheena Iyengar, Gita Johar, Eric Johnson, Ran Kivetz, Ko Kuwabara, Leonard Lee, Don Lehmann, Malia Mason, Michael Morris, Oded Netzer, Michel Tuan Pham, Jonah Rockoff, Bernd Schmidt, Olivier Toubia, Katherine Phillips, and Elke Weber.

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