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The Program for Financial Studies supports research in all areas of asset pricing, corporate finance, and financial institutions. The program encourages the creation, translation, and dissemination of research from cross-disciplinary faculty members by coordinating access to computing and data resources; providing research support and assistance; sponsoring membership to professional organizations; overseeing

fellowships and grants; and facilitating the integration of research into the MBA curriculum. Interaction between students, program faculty, and the external community provides valuable insights that enable the program to support research activities that are relevant to academia, policy and regulatory authorities, and the financial industry.

Faculty Research Interests

The table that follows presents a snapshot relating affiliated faculty members’ research interests to the program’s bridging of theory and practice: the theory is captured by academic tracks (the rows), while the practice is captured by career functions (the columns).

Faculty Research Interests


Career Functions

Asset Management

Investment Banking and Corporate Finance

Sales, Trading and Research

Financial Consulting

Risk Management

Asset Pricing

Factor Risk
Andrew Ang
(Academic Board)

Behavioral Finance and Markets
Kent Daniel

Behavioral Finance
Gur Huberman

Commodity Markets
Lars Lochstoer

International Finance
Robert Hodrick
(Academic Board)

Empirical Asset Pricing
Geert Bekaert

International Finance
Shang-Jin Wei

Short Sales
Charles  Jones
(Academic Board)

Labor Markets
Andreas Mueller

Crashes and Crises
Martin Oehmke

Debt Valuation
M. Suresh Sundaresan
(Academic Board)

Behavioral Household Finance
Michaela Pagel

Accounting Measurements & Asset Pricing
Gil Sadka

Decision-Making Under Uncertainty
Elke Weber

Quantitative Methods
Mark N. Broadie
(Academic Board)

Risk Management, Derivatives
Paul Glasserman
(Research Director)

Behavioral Personal Finance
Stephan Meier

Price Discovery
Paul Tetlock

Corporate Finance

Global Valuation &  Accounting
Trevor Harris

Institutional Investors
Wei Jiang

Accounting & Valuation
Stephen Penman

Accounting & Equity Valuation
Julian Yeo

Corporate Uses of Cash
Laurie Simon Hodrick
(Founding Director)

Buyouts & Restructuring
Enrique Arzac

M&A Transactions
Donna Hitscherich

Valuation & Accounting
Sharon Katz

Corporate Governance
Moshe Cohen

Household Financial Decisions
Andrew Hertzberg

Price Setting
Emi Nakamura

Development Finance
Emily Breza

Information and Incentives
Marina Halac

Incentives and Organizations
Andrea Prat

Family Firms
Daniel Wolfenzon

Corporate Disclosure & Debt Contracting
Alon Kalay

Pierre Yared

Financial Institutions

Housing & Credit Markets
Christopher Mayer

Real Estate Finance
Tomasz Piskorski

Financial Institutions
Tano Santos

Private Equity Finance
Morten Sorensen

Economics of Hedge Funds
Neng Wang

Patrick Bolton

Financial Reporting
Urooj Khan

International Trade
Amit Khandelwal

Empirical Macro and Finance
Mauricio Larrain

Peer-to-Peer Lending
Enrichetta Ravina

Political Economy of Finance
Ray Fisman

Emerging Firms
Jonas Hjort

High Frequency Trading
Costis Maglaras

High Frequency Trading
Ciamac Moallemi

The Market Value of Social Security
Stephen Zeldes

Financial Economics
Charles Calomiris
(Curriculum Director)

Measuring Teacher Performance
Jonah Rockoff

People and Performance
David Ross

Career Management
Nachum Sicherman

Bank Liquidity Management
Saki Bigio

Financial Intermediation
Marco Di Maggio

Capital Market Regulation
Lawrence Glosten

Financial Networks
Alireza Tahbaz-Salehi




2014-2015 No Free Lunch Seminar Series

Michaela Pagel, Assistant Professor of Finance and Economics, presents Forget About Your Portfolio

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2014 Financial Studies Conference

Videos and photos from our 2014 conference: "The Quest for Yield."

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