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Q Group

The Program for Financial Studies is a sponsor member of the Institute for Quantitative Research in Finance — also known as the Q-Group. The Q Group brings together a select group of sponsors from the investment community to create and implement structured solutions to financial and investment problems, seeking to improve the operation of the global financial marketplace. These goals are achieved through active member engagement and dialogue at semi-annual seminars, and through the production of relevant research.

To date, the Program for Financial Studies has funded the attendance of professors Andrew Ang, Moshe Cohen, Marco Di Maggio, Charles Jones, Laurie Hodrick, Robert Hodrick, Mauricio Larrain, and Maxim Ulrich at these seminars. In addition, numerous faculty members have presented research to or received grants from the Q-Group, including professors Andrew Ang, Laurie Hodrick, Robert Hodrick, Gur Huberman, and Wei Jiang.