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Past Conferences

Brite Conference 2008-2014
CONFERENCE 2008-2014

The Center's flagship BRITE conference now brings together over 500 leaders and big thinkers from business, technology, media, and marketing to discuss emerging trends in marketing, innovation, technology, society, and culture and how these trends can transform the ways that companies build and sustain great brands.

BRITE offers a different blend of thinkers and doers, both onstage and off, than you will find at any other event. Participants come to think differently about the changing landscape of media and technology, and to connect with a unique group of innovators, marketers, entrepreneurs, and champions of social enterprise.

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  BRITE '14
March 3-4, 2014
Columbia University, New York
  BRITE '13
March 4-5, 2013
Columbia University, New York
  BRITE '12
March 5-6, 2012
Columbia University, New York
  BRITE '11
March 2-3, 2011
Columbia University, New York
  BRITE '10
March 31-April 1, 2010
Columbia University, New York
  BRITE '09
March 4-5, 2009
Columbia University, New York
  BRITE Asia '09
March 26, 2009
SMU, Singapore
  BRITE - Online Communities
October 16, 2008
Columbia University, New York
  BRITE - CMO Summit
October 15, 2008
Columbia University, New York
  BRITE '08
February 7-8, 2008
Columbia University, New York

Other Past Conferences & Events

The Center presents a range of events and global conferences that showcase new analytical tools, best practices, and case studies for managing brands in the competitive global environment. We curate a diverse array of presenters and thinkers from both the practitioner and academic arenas to share their insights on marketing and branding. Our conferences also offer an interdisciplinary approach to branding, looking at issues of marketing, finance, strategy, technology, design, and media to address questions for effective brand management.

Below you will find information on and video links to a sample of past events and conferences that the Center has produced over the past decade.


Happy Customers Everywhere:
Book Launch

May 2, 2012
Edelman, New York


Who Should Invest in a dotBRAND?
October 19, 2011
Online webinar


Theory and Practice in Marketing
April 22, 2011
Columbia Business School, New York


Brand Challenges 2008:
Inspiring Futures

May 22, 2008


Best Brands Conference 2008
February 14, 2008

  "Branding in India" Symposium
May 21, 2007
New York City
  International Brand Forum
April 20-21, 2007
  Innovative Marketing Conference
June 8-9, 2006
New York
  The Asian Brand Experience
February 16, 2006
  Brands in China Panel
at World Trade Week

May 19, 2005
New York
  Brand Convergence
at Yonsei University

November 25, 2004


Book: The Changing Face of the Asian Consumer

How can you grow your business in Asia?

In his latest book, Faculty Director Prof. Bernd Schmitt, presents key insights on the Asian marketplace and strategies to help companies navigate Asia’s complex landscape.

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