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Brands are assets and managing them requires a diverse set of skills and an understanding of how brand strategy most effectively drives revenue growth. Key elements to build a strong brand include:

  • Understanding the dynamics and motivations of customers and knowing how to influence them.
  • Analyzing the marketplace and differentiating your brand from its competitors.
  • Communicating a clear brand promise and delivering it.
  • Creating consistent communications across all customer touchpoints that demonstrate both the functional and emotional benefits of your brand.
  • Innovative products, services and communications that drive brand strength.
  • Using marketing metrics to determine return on investment.

We believe that the following courses from a range of departments (Marketing, Management, Leadership. etc.) will provide you knowledge and experience in these areas and help you build the necessary skills to achieve success in the field of brand, marketing and communications.

NOTE: This list includes courses offered throughout the academic year. You can confirm which ones are offered in the spring or fall semesters by visiting the MBA and EMBA course schedules.

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Marketing and Brand Strategy

B8621-001 - Managing Brands, Identity & Experience Bernd Schmitt – 3.0 credits

B6601-001 - Marketing: Innovation through Customer Centricity, Part I Hitendra Wadhwa or Keith Wilcox or Ran Kivetz – 1.5 credits

B8618-001 - Integrated Marketing Strategy Len Sherman – 3.0 credits

B8640-001 - Digital Marketing: Strategy & Tactics Jeremy Kagan – 3.0 credits

B6601-001 - Marketing Strategy Hitendra Wadhwa – 1.5 credits

B8620-001 - Developing and Executing the Market Strategy Noel Capon – 3.0 credits

B8611-001 - Marketing Plans Workshop Michelle Greenwald – 3.0 credits

Consumer Behavior and Psychology

B8607-001 - Strategic Consumer Insights Leonard Lee – 3.0 credits

B8619-001 - Behavioral Economics & Decision Making Eric Johnson – 3.0 credits

B8901-001 - The Psychology and Economics of Consumer Finance Eric Johnson & Stephen Zeldes – 3.0 credits

Leadership and Management

B6703-001 - Leadership Development Adam Galinsky – 1.5 credits

B8216-001 - Economics of Strategic Behavior Wouter Dessein – 3.0 credits

B8530-001 - Managing the Growing Company Michael Preston – 3.0 credits

B8658-001 - Catching the Growth Wave in Emerging Markets Alonso Martinez – 3.0 credits

Entrepreneurship and Branding

B8613-001 - Entrepreneurial Selling Eric Baron – 1.5 credits

B8519-001 - Launching New Ventures Jack McGourty & William O'Farrell – 3.0 credits

Industry Focus

B8653-001 - Retailing Leadership Mark Cohen – 3.0 credits

B8654-001 - Retailing: Financial, Marketing & Strategic Integration Jeffrey Feiner – 3.0 credits

B8652-001 - Retail Fundamentals Mark Cohen – 3.0 credits

B8697-099 - Retailing: The Design & Marketing of Luxury Products (Master Class) Ketty Maisonrouge – 3.0 credits

B9601-039 - Marketing of Luxury Products Ketty Maisonrouge – 3.0 credits

B8635-001 - Marketing the Arts, Culture & Entertainment Tahra Millan & Joseph Plummer – 3.0 credits

B8299-021 - Media & Entertainment Strategy: Analysis, Innovation & Implementation Ava Seave – 3.0 credits

B9301-171 - The Media Industries: Public Policy and Business Strategy Jonathan Knee – 3.0 credits

B8631-001 - Measuring and Monetizing Media Audiences Scott McDonald & David Poltrack – 1.5 credits

B8625-001 - Consulting 102: Market Driving Capabilities Alonso Martinez – 1.5 credits

B8624-001 - Strategy Consulting Skills Hitendra Wadhwa – 3.0 credits

B9601-078 - The Marketing of an American President Ellen Schapps – 1.5 credits

B8117-001 - Healthcare Industry in the 21st Century Linda Green – 3.0 credits

B8299-002 - Economics of Health Care & Pharmaceuticals Frank Lichtenberg – 1.5 credits

B8799-017 - Strategy and Competition in Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology Cliff Cramer & Robert Essner – 1.5 credits


Marketing and Brand Strategy

B7758-100 - International Seminar: Munich Bernd Schmitt – 3.0 credits

B5601-001 - Marketing Strategy Kamel Jedidi & Keith Wilcox – 3.0 credits

B7614-001 - Strategic Marketing in the Modern Corporation Noel Capon – 3.0 credits

B7665-200 - Advertising, Branding, and Creativity Gita Johar – 3.0 credits

B5955-300 - Brand Management Simona Botti – 3.0 credits

B7667-100 - Customer Centric Innovation Olivier Toubia – 3.0 credits

Consumer Behavior and Psychology

B7607-001 - Strategic Consumer Insights Leonard Lee – 3.0 credits

Leadership and Management

B7216-001 - Economics of Strategic Behavior Wouter Dessein – 3.0 credits

B7550-100 - Executive Leadership Bob Bontempo & William Klepper – 3.0 credits

Entrepreneurship and Branding

B7556-100 - Global Entrepreneurship Daniel Isenberg – 3.0 credits

B7554-001 - Starting and Running an Entrepreneurial Company Donald Weiss – 3.0 credits

B7521-100 - Lean LaunchPad Steven Blank – 3.0 credits

Industry Focus

B7117-001 - Healthcare Industry in the 21st Century Linda Green – 3.0 credits

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