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Rethinking America’s Innovative Edge

Off The Shelf | October 31, 2008

In his new book The Venturesome Economy, Amar Bhidé argues that the willingness and ability of Americans to develop and use innovations derived from the scientific research of other nations is a crucial driver of U.S. prosperity.

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A New Global Shock Absorber

Feature | October 31, 2008

The dramatic increase in multinational production has realigned aggregate risk on a global scale, buffering firms and nations from shocks.

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Grappling with Risk, the NewValue-Investing Way

Viewpoints | October 31, 2008

Bruce Greenwald, director of the School's Heilbrunn Center for Graham & Dodd Investing, shares insights on risk management gleaned from today's value investors.

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Discounting Financial Literacy

Feature | October 31, 2008

How time preference influences the decision to participate in financial-literacy programs.

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Putting the Best Face Forward

Feature | October 10, 2008

For effective crisis communications, firms need to consider their spokesperson’s facial features.

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Going After Economic Gangsters

Off The Shelf | October 10, 2008

In a new book, Raymond Fisman discusses how using the tools of economics to confront corruption can help alleviate poverty and promote stability in the developing world.

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Rising Above the Herd

Feature | October 10, 2008

Research on how people form beliefs and make decisions by observing others sheds light on the tendency to follow the crowd.

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Too Many Products?

Feature | October 10, 2008

Large consumer-products firms are able to offer consumers a broad range of tailored choices across markets, but may end up marketing too many product varieties.

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Is Back-Door Equity Financing Always a Bad Idea?

Feature | October 10, 2008

Companies are often criticized for raising capital by selling mandatory convertible bonds that pay high interest rates, but the instruments can be a good way to shore up a firm’s finances.

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Can Residual Income Distinguish between Earnings Growth Derived from Productivity Improvements and Investment-Driven Growth?

Research Brief | October 10, 2008

Differentiating between productivity-driven growth and investment-driven growth leads to a profitable trading strategy.

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