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Fall 2006

Insuring Against Global Warming; A Return to the Banker's Honor Code; How Can Rich Countries Best Promote Economic Development in the World’s Poorest Nations?; When Giving is Cheap; Fixing Public Schools; Small Loans on a Large Scale; Lending to the Poor; Why Does Africa Struggle?

Spring 2006

What’s Your Brand Worth?; Making Health Care Markets Work; Small Price Difference, Big Profit Difference; Outsourcing and Technological Change; Measuring Willingness to Pay; Designing for Price; Fixing Social Security; The Pricing Prize; Global-to-Global Marketing; Measuring the Effects of Monetary Policy: A Factor-Augmented Vector Autoregressive (FAVAR) Approach; The Fed After Greenspan; External and Internal Pricing in Multidivisional Firms

Summer 2006

Guppies, Ants and Golf Swings; Have the Old Rules of Marketing Collapsed?; Decision brief: EMC turnaround; Competition Demystified; Strategy for a Dynamic World; Oil Prices and Consumer Confidence; How Can Poor Countries Get Rich?; Strategic Intuition: The Key to Innovation; Firm Boundaries, Technological Relevance, and the Rate of Project Development; The Goal-Gradient Hypothesis Resurrected: Purchase Acceleration, Illusionary Goal Progress, and Customer Retention

Winter 2006

Where Are House Prices Headed?; Making Globalization Fair; Thinking Small: Entrepreneurship in India; Gauging Corruption's Impact; Trust and Reciprocity in Chinese Business Networks; Jerk or Wimp: What's Your Assertiveness Style?; Global Capital Flows and Financial Crises; Emerging Markets Research Guide; Small Firms’ Access to Credit in Emerging Markets; At a Loss for Words: Dominating the Conversation and the Outcome in Negotiation as a Function of Intricate Arguments and Communication Media; Activating Sound and Meaning in Brand Name Evaluations: The Role of Language Proficiency in Bilinguals' Differential Processing