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Fall 2008

Rethinking America’s Innovative Edge; A New Global Shock Absorber; Grappling with Risk, the NewValue-Investing Way; Discounting Financial Literacy; Putting the Best Face Forward; Going After Economic Gangsters; Rising Above the Herd; Too Many Products?; Is Back-Door Equity Financing Always a Bad Idea?; Can Residual Income Distinguish between Earnings Growth Derived from Productivity Improvements and Investment-Driven Growth?

Spring 2008

Using Fair-Value Accounting, Fairly; Pricing for Profitability; Matters of Trust Play Out on the Global Stage; Hard Choices Made Easy; The ROI of CSR; Adaptive Organizations; When Expertise Isn't Enough; Found Your Dream Car? Thank the Competition; Deal or No Deal: Should Economy Airlines Offer Last-minute Bargains?; Building Better Market Research; Who's Afraid of Sovereign Funds?

Summer 2008

The Nursing Shift; A Question of Taste; Retirement Gain, without Pain; Bad-Apple Picking; Who Benefits from the WTO?; Money Can’t Buy Democracy; India’s Growing Pains in the Global Economy; Subset-Conjunctive Rules for Breast Cancer Diagnosis; When Women Rank High, Firms Profit; Making the Grade with Mentoring; Flying the Frenzied Skies; The Execution Game

Winter 2008

Behind the Small-Package Success Story; Can a Firm's Last Resort Be Its Stock Price's Best Option?; Media Concentration in an Era of Digital Convergence; Product Customization Decisions: Order Does Matter; Climbing the Quality Ladder to Compete in the Global Marketplace; When Familiarity Breeds Connections; Why Do Dancers Smoke?; Starving the Budget Beast to Feed the Public Interest; Shopping for Certainty; Gauging the Credit Crunch: A Do-it-yourself Guide; Idea Generation, Creativity, and Incentives