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Fall 2009

Keeping Up with the Joneses; Valuing Intangible Assets; Quantitative Ethics; Dynamic Pricing with Financial Milestones: Feedback-form Policies; We Are What We Learn; Viral Marketing — Contender, or Just a Trend?; Climbing Out of the Aid Trap; What's Fair, and Who's to Blame; How Not to Think Like a Media Mogul; How Big Is the Social Security Shortfall?

Spring 2009

A Shortcut to Earnings; Are Macro Changes in Store for Microlending?; The Price of Competition; A Proposal for a Crisis Resolution Board; The Advantage of Not Knowing It All; Fair Play in Tough Times; The Nonprofit MBA; Slow Running; How to Be Happy During the Crisis; The Disaster Premium; A Hidden Markov Model of Customer Relationship Dynamics

Summer 2009

Engaging Consumers, Creating Value; Liar's Loans; Many Happy Returns on Marketing; How Fast Do Prices Move?; Should You Go with Your Gut?; Dealing with Detroit; Putting the Brakes on Collateral Liquidations; What About All the Irrational Stuff?; Accounting for Inflation Ambiguity; Business Friendships; Living Longer and Prospering, for Less

Winter 2009

The Instinctive Offer; Guiding Monetary Policy with Accountable Autonomy; Too Small to Fail?; Stopping the Foreclosure Freefall; Global Customers Seek Global Firms; Achieving Synergies in a Merger; Assessing the Shorting Ban; Auctioning Supply Contracts; Is There Value in the Emerging World of Social Commerce?; Lenders Enter the Limelight with Caution; Back to Basics; Supply Chain Management with Advance Supply Information