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Fall 2011

Which Way Up?; Confidence Game; No Double Jeopardy?; Can Quotas Bring Equity to the Boardroom?; The Value of an Invisible Guarantee; Can the Euro Be Saved?; Winning Combinations; Multiplying Insult Times Injury; Middlemen Lead the Way on Trade; Unraveling Systemic Risk; Kick Back and Spend; Modeling Multiple Relationships in Social Networks

Spring 2011

Words' Worth; Untangling Skill and Luck; Value Investing's Long Run; What Do Financial Economists Have to Say About "Value"?; The View from Tokyo; Can a Kinder, Gentler Company Earn a Bigger Bottom Line?; Modeling Churn and Usage Behavior in Contractual Settings; Enemy of the People and Friend of Better Business; When the Best Get Better; Running for the Pro-Business Border; Cleaning Up the Muni Market

Summer 2011

The Pulse of the Organization; Death of a Salesman? Think Again; Not So Fast, or So Simple; Measuring the Effect of Queues on Customer Purchases; Vouching for Outsourced Labor; Is Your Business Biased Against Innovation?; Wait and See, at a Cost; Complicating Choice; Hide and Seek with Earnings Management; Can Sharing Warranty Costs Lead to Better Products?; Momentum Crashes

Winter 2011

Like Daughter, Like Father; A Contrarian View of China's Growth; When Giving Incentives Doesn't Give Back; Temporal Dynamics of Social Exchange and the Development of Solidarity: "Testing the Waters" vs. "Taking a Leap of Faith"; A Little Free Press; Making More Room in ICUs; The Discriminating Consumer: Product Proliferation and Willingness to Pay for Quality; How Private Equity Tackles Taxes; Accounting for Value