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Fall 2012

A Smarter, Smaller Grid; Facebook Friend or Enemy?; Luring the Informed Investor; Letting Go of the Best; Think Small; Gaming the Electoral College; Decision Making and Negotiation: Choice and Collaboration; Ethically Diverse; First In Trouble — and Last Out; Un-Follow the Leader

Spring 2012

Bargaining for Bonds that Last; Negotiating Judgment; The Perils and Promise of Public-Private Partnerships; Who Rules the World, and How?; Holding On to Options; Accounting and Systemic Risk; Design of Effective Obesity Communications: Insights from Consumer Research; Teaching Beyond the Test; Fair Value, Risky Business; Valuing Insurance Firms

Summer 2012

Hear and Be Heard; Tiptoeing Toward Freedom; The Price of Inattention; Revenue Management of Consumer Options for Sporting Events; Measuring Consumer Preferences Using Conjoint Poker; Ticket to Free Ride; No Time for Discrimination; Attaining Satisfaction; Planetary Economics; No News is Good News; Jumpstarting Japan's Boards

Winter 2012

Undersavers Anonymous; Why Do You Tweet?; Feeling the Future; Small Shocks, Big Waves; Predicting Start-Up Success; What Really Moves Us?; Funding the Future; Trade and Credit; Fat Cats or Best Athletes?