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Fall 2013

Maxing Out on Primary Care; The Value Trap; Five-Star Pricing; Choosing Health — and Wealth; Do Delays Undermine Discounts?; Observations from the Real World; Share a Little, Save a Lot; Did Flexibility Compromise No Child Left Behind?; Go Shop or No Shop?; Reversing the Brain Drain; On Information Distortions in Online Ratings

Spring 2013

Power Rewards; Competitive Advantage's End; Hedge Fund Activists' Real Returns; It's Good to Be the King; A Better Standard for Credit Risk; Climate Change and Productivity; Could Uncertainty Cause a Recession?; Precise Offers Are Potent Anchors: Conciliatory Counteroffers and Attributions of Knowledge in Negotiations; Caution on Cocos; It's Not Who You Know; The Race from the Bottom

Summer 2013

Language Lessons; Why Do We Tip?; Music Makers and Market Breakers; Does Inequality Make You Happier?; Why Did the Home Affordable Modification Program Underperform?; Uncertainty, Risk, and Climate Change; Should Derivatives Be Privileged in Bankruptcy?; Why Are There So Few Women in Corporate Leadership?; Finding the Fit That Makes Us Tick; Mining Social Media for Marketing Insights; Fostering Consumer Performance in Idea Generation: Customizing the Task Structure based on Consumer Knowledge

Winter 2013

Smartphone Ads That Work; Nobody Likes a Rat; Will China Slow Down? Not So Fast.; When Shopper Marketing Backfires; The Networking Payoff; Risk, Innovation, and Social Value; When Talk Is 'Free': An Analysis of Subscriber Behavior Under Two- and Three-Part Tariffs; Egocentric Categorization and Product Judgment: Seeing Your Traits in What You Own (and Their Opposite in What You Don't); Sharing Central; From Intuition to Creation; The New Ad Wars; Minding the Gap