China and the World Trade System: Does It Play by the Rules?

Panelists discuss the nature of China's past, present, and future participation in the World Trade Organization.
November 17, 2008
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As part of an ongoing seminar on Chinese business and economy, Professor Shang Jin Wei, the N. T. Wang Professor of Chinese Business and Economy at Columbia Business School, brought together a distinguished panel to discuss "China and the World Trade System: Does It Play By the Rules?" On October 2, Professors Chad P. Bown of Brandeis University and the Brookings Institution, Scott Kennedy of Indiana University and Merit Janow of Columbia University's School of International and Public Affairs offered insights on China and its interplay with the world trade system.

The panelists were quick to highlight that China's integration with the World Trade Organization (WTO) is one of the most important challenges facing the country's business sector. Chad Bown, associate professor in the Department of Economics and International Business at Brandeis University, initiated the discussion by pointing out the importance of the WTO to unfettered world trade. He showed how the WTO strives to fulfill three fundamental roles: first, as a forum to organize trade discussions (such as the ongoing Doha round), second, as a secure place for trade dispute arbitration, and third, as a monitoring data-collection point.

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Nicholas Doimi de Frankopan

"China and the World Trade System: Does It Play by the Rules?"


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