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Clinton or Trump, Manufacturing Jobs Unlikely to Return

Feature | August 26, 2016

In an election season where the candidates can’t seem to agree on anything, opposition to free trade has become a rare point of commonality. But repealing trade is unlikely to restore the manufacturing jobs that have been lost over the past two decades.

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Closing the Door on Europe

Viewpoints | June 24, 2016

The victory of the Leave Campaign in Britain’s referendum yesterday shocked many, demonstrating the rising clout of populist movements, and, according to Glenn Hubbard, the need for leaders to foster more inclusive prosperity.

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Money for Nothing: A Bold Plan for the Future of Work

Feature | June 23, 2016

An unlikely alliance is growing between the right and the left, Silicon Valley and the Rust Belt, in support of an unusual policy — universal basic income, a free check for every American man, woman, and child.

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VW Scandal Just the Tip of the Greenwashing Iceberg

Feature | October 23, 2015

Amid increased consumer demand for environmentally friendly practices and products, more and more companies resort to fudging the facts.

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A Critical Provision Saved, But Challenges Remain for the Affordable Care Act

Feature | June 29, 2015

Andrew Stern, senior fellow at Columbia’s Richman Center for Business, Law, and Public Policy discusses the implications of last Thursday’s Supreme Court ruling on the Affordable Care Act and the challenges the legislation still faces ahead.

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A Decisive Victory — and an Uncertain Future — for the UK

Viewpoints | May 28, 2015

In May’s unexpected landslide victory for the Conservative Party, Columbia Business School economist Geoff Heal sees an uncertain future for the United Kingdom and its ties to Europe and the world.

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Growth Sometimes Wins

Viewpoints | May 26, 2015

In the Conservative Party’s unexpected landslide victory in the UK, Columbia Business School professor Charles Calomiris sees a mix of smart, populist politics, and a citizenry ready to trade short-term comfort for austerity’s promise of long-term growth.

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Low-Calorie Menus Could Be Making Us Fat

Feature | March 10, 2015

When lighter options are grouped together, diners opt for heavier meals.

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Up in Smoke

Feature | February 03, 2015

As countries around the world roll out climate change mitigation policies, carbon divestment moves from moral high ground to financial imperative.

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How Not to Issue an Ebola Quarantine

Viewpoints | December 17, 2014

The nurse in the Ebola quarantine flap is a reminder that it hurts when decisions go against us, but it hurts a lot more when you feel you’ve also been disrespected in the process.

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