Ideas at Work: Research Brief

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Research Brief | August 05, 2014

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A Filter for Financial Fraud

Research Brief | May 15, 2014

A new technique uses the power of statistical analysis to uncover likely accounting and financial fraud. The tool could help the SEC — as well as auditors and investors — to quickly and inexpensively root out wrongdoing.

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A Better Match

Research Brief | April 24, 2014

Offer incentives to improve wait-list management — and matches.

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Maxing Out on Primary Care

Research Brief | November 27, 2013

The projected physician shortage can be averted by tapping non-physician medical staff and electronic communications.

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The Value Trap

Research Brief | November 27, 2013

Assess the risk associated with the growth of a so-called value stock by considering both its book-to-price and earnings-to-price ratios.

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On Information Distortions in Online Ratings

Research Brief | September 30, 2013

How the sequential nature of online reviews affects product ratings.

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Should Derivatives Be Privileged in Bankruptcy?

Research Brief | July 29, 2013

Reconsider derivatives’ privileged status in bankruptcy.

Topics: Business Economics and Public Policy, Corporate Finance | Read Article

Fostering Consumer Performance in Idea Generation: Customizing the Task Structure based on Consumer Knowledge

Research Brief | June 26, 2013

To tap consumers' best ideas, customize an idea generation platform to fit their level of knowledge.

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Precise Offers Are Potent Anchors: Conciliatory Counteroffers and Attributions of Knowledge in Negotiations

Research Brief | April 29, 2013

Making a precise first offer in a negotiation makes you seem better informed, which leads your counterparty to concede greater value to you.

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When Shopper Marketing Backfires

Research Brief | February 28, 2013

Choose shopper marketing tools with care — some can backfire.

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