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Ideas at Work: Feature

For Job Seekers, Breadth Brings Benefits

Feature | August 13, 2015

For highly qualified job applicants, a diverse background can help you stand out in a competitive field, attracting more offers and higher pay.

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A Critical Provision Saved, But Challenges Remain for the Affordable Care Act

Feature | June 29, 2015

Andrew Stern, senior fellow at Columbia’s Richman Center for Business, Law, and Public Policy discusses the implications of last Thursday’s Supreme Court ruling on the Affordable Care Act and the challenges the legislation still faces ahead.

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10 Highlights from 10 Years of Ideas at Work

Feature | June 15, 2015

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Some customers are best left alone

Feature | June 12, 2015

Companies are investing heavily in proactive customer-retention campaigns, but for certain customers these campaigns can be the wake-up call that sends them packing

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The Downside of Being Self-Assured

Feature | June 10, 2015

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Networking for a job? Try this instead.

Feature | May 06, 2015

Networking inspires feelings of dread for many, but changing your approach could make the whole process easier and help others to a strategic flash of insight into the solution to their problems — you.

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Reappropriating Fast, Fatty, and Delicious

Feature | April 30, 2015

For many companies facing public backlash, a name change provides a simple way out, but for some of the world’s biggest brands, changing names is out of the question. For groups like these, Adam Galinsky argues rather than run away from their public perception, they should embrace it.

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Chris Borland Makes the Hard Choice to Go Long

Feature | April 21, 2015

Chris Borland’s dramatic decision to retire at age 24 can teach us all something about the way we value the present and make hard decisions about the future.

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Your Secrets Are Weighing You Down

Feature | March 30, 2015

Research finds the experience of keeping a secret is akin to carrying a physical weight, diminishing motivation and performance.

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Trading Up

Feature | March 27, 2015

New research suggests access to high-income export markets could raise productivity and profitability for businesses across the developing world

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