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Ideas at Work: Feature

Want Your Innovation Contest to Work?

Feature | November 11, 2014

New research explores the ideal contest design for spurring innovation.

Topics: Innovation | Read Article

Is Your Team Too Talented?

Feature | October 30, 2014

Too much talent — on the court or in the office — can drive down team performance, new research shows.

Topics: Leadership, Management | Read Article

Want to Grow Your Retirement Savings? Then Forget About It.

Feature | October 23, 2014

New research shows that the less frequently investors check their portfolios, the better off they are.

Topics: Capital Markets and Investments, Finance | Read Article

Low Rates, Big Spending?

Feature | October 15, 2014

Topics: Finance, Public Policy | Read Article

Do Rate Cuts Matter?

Feature | October 08, 2014

New research takes on the question of how much monetary policy affects the economy.

Topics: Business Economics and Public Policy, Capital Markets and Investments | Read Article

How Do Credit Default Swaps Affect Bond Prices?

Feature | September 24, 2014

Credit default swaps may lower a firm’s borrowing costs under certain conditions, new research shows.

Topics: Business Economics and Public Policy, Capital Markets and Investments, International Business and Finance | Read Article

In Mobile Marketing, the Value Is in the Journey, Not the Destination

Feature | September 24, 2014

New research in location-based mobile marketing shows it’s not who you know or where you’re going that matters, but how you get there.

Topics: Marketing, Media and Technology | Read Article

Dealing with the Hold-Up Problem

Feature | September 24, 2014

Investing in the relationship and sharing information can help firms enforce informal contracts with suppliers.

Topics: Management, Organizations | Read Article

Unlocking the Value of Movable Assets

Feature | September 22, 2014

Can a simple change to commercial laws in emerging economies spur business growth?

Topics: Business Economics and Public Policy, Capital Markets and Investments | Read Article

Selling Sense

Feature | August 20, 2014

Topics: Marketing | Read Article

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