Converging on Startup Success

Off The Shelf | October 07, 2014

In conversation, Damon Phillips and Evan Rawley discuss why entrepreneurship resists easy study and how their research is tackling some of the biggest questions in the field.

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To Reap Innovation’s Rewards, Team Up

Feature | July 23, 2014

Why does new technology spread so slowly in many industries?

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Savvy Risks, Sustainable Rewards

Viewpoints | July 18, 2014

How—and why—to take smart chances on renewable energy.

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Music Makers and Market Breakers

Off The Shelf | August 30, 2013

In a new book, Damon Phillips dives deep into the history of jazz to share often surprising lessons about how new markets rise and fall.

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Competitive Advantage's End

Off The Shelf | May 28, 2013

In a new book, Rita McGrath explains how companies can thrive in what she calls the 'transient advantage economy'.

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It's Not Who You Know

Feature | March 27, 2013

Entrepreneurs who launch new ventures away from industry hubs find that knowledge is portable.

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From Intuition to Creation

Off The Shelf | December 28, 2012

Bill Duggan explains how innovations are made, from idea to implementation.

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Predicting Start-Up Success

Feature | January 31, 2012

For aspiring entrepreneurs, previous employer size can forecast performance and commitment.

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Is Your Business Biased Against Innovation?

Feature | July 22, 2011

Established businesses can reinvigorate their products and services, says Rita McGrath, if they are willing to cast aside assumptions that impede the development of new business models.

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Are Macro Changes in Store for Microlending?

Off The Shelf | May 28, 2009

New financial tools and technologies are poised to change the way microfinance is practiced, says Suresh Sundaresan.

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