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How Not to Issue an Ebola Quarantine

Viewpoints | December 17, 2014

The nurse in the Ebola quarantine flap is a reminder that it hurts when decisions go against us, but it hurts a lot more when you feel you’ve also been disrespected in the process.

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Do Longer Hospital Stays Lead to Better Outcomes?

Feature | November 11, 2014

Extending hospital stays by just one day could save lives — and taxpayers’ money.

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Biomedical R&D Today Increases Longevity Tomorrow

Feature | February 21, 2014

New research shows that greater spending on biomedical research reduces future mortality rates.

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Home Team Advantage

Feature | December 30, 2013

For nursing, hyperlocal knowledge and experience are keys to stellar teamwork — delivering better healthcare while shrinking costs.

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Maxing Out on Primary Care

Research Brief | November 27, 2013

The projected physician shortage can be averted by tapping non-physician medical staff and electronic communications.

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Choosing Health — and Wealth

Feature | November 07, 2013

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Observations from the Real World

Feature | November 07, 2013

A new statistical method provides a way to better approximate lab settings when analyzing data.

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Making More Room in ICUs

Feature | January 31, 2011

From the Archive: A new decision model could help ICUs treat more patients without adding beds or sacrificing quality of care.

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The Upside of the Sliding Scale

Feature | August 24, 2010

Rich and poor alike — even those who pay the highest prices — can be better off when pharmaceutical firms serve different markets at different rates.

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Taking Attendance with Teachers

Feature | May 20, 2010

New research shows just how much teacher absences hurt student achievement.

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