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Clinton's 2016 Logo "Fail" Not Likely to Lose Voters

Viewpoints | April 14, 2015

Criticism of the campaign logo dominated social media conversations around Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential bid. But logos are just a small part of a brand, and by the time election day rolls around, #logogate is likely to be long forgotten.

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In Mobile Marketing, the Value Is in the Journey, Not the Destination

Feature | September 24, 2014

New research in location-based mobile marketing shows it’s not who you know or where you’re going that matters, but how you get there.

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Selling Sense

Feature | August 20, 2014

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Leading Opinion Online

Research Brief | August 05, 2014

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What Makes an Idea Creative?

Feature | June 19, 2014

If you want your idea to be innovative, you need to hit the right mix of novelty and familiarity, a new study shows.

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Putting Up with Poachers

Feature | December 17, 2013

A new study suggests that sometimes it may be best for large companies to allow competitors to free ride on sponsored search ads.

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Five-Star Pricing

Feature | November 27, 2013

A new model helps firms make the most of online review sites.

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Choosing Health — and Wealth

Feature | November 07, 2013

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Do Delays Undermine Discounts?

Feature | November 07, 2013

Price promotions can be a double-edged sword, new research shows.

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On Information Distortions in Online Ratings

Research Brief | September 30, 2013

How the sequential nature of online reviews affects product ratings.

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