Competitive Advantage's End

Off The Shelf | May 28, 2013

In a new book, Rita McGrath explains how companies can thrive in what she calls the 'transient advantage economy'.

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Hedge Fund Activists' Real Returns

Feature | May 28, 2013

New research shows that stock-price jumps following hedge fund activism are the result of genuine productivity gains, not mere financial engineering.

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The New Ad Wars

Feature | December 28, 2012

A framework for studying advertisers’ bidding behavior in online ad exchanges can help publishers better manage this emerging channel.

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A Smarter, Smaller Grid

Viewpoints | November 30, 2012

Can the principles of small modular infrastructure free us from the electrical grid — and make large-scale power failures in the aftermath of weather catastrophes like Sandy a thing of the past?

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Letting Go of the Best

Feature | October 30, 2012

Why are firms' most productive employees the most likely to get pink slips when a recession hits?

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Think Small

Feature | October 30, 2012

Is it time to reconsider economies of scale?

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Revenue Management of Consumer Options for Sporting Events

Research Brief | August 23, 2012

Boost revenues — and profits — from sporting event ticket sales by offering options for seats at playoff games.

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Ticket to Free Ride

Feature | July 30, 2012

From the Archive: New research shows how open-source software and commercial firms can work for one another.

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Teaching Beyond the Test

Feature | March 30, 2012

A good teacher’s influence can affect student test scores — and long-term success in life.

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Small Shocks, Big Waves

Feature | February 28, 2012

Interconnections among different firms and sectors may spread small shocks throughout the economy, creating business cycles.

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