Can't Meet Anyone Online? It's not all your Fault.

Feature | February 25, 2015

Seeking a match online? Whether its a new job or a date, fewer choices may lead to better matches.

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Dealing with the Hold-Up Problem

Feature | September 24, 2014

Investing in the relationship and sharing information can help firms enforce informal contracts with suppliers.

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Sunshine at the Fed

Feature | July 23, 2014

Should central banks be more transparent?

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To Reap Innovation’s Rewards, Team Up

Feature | July 23, 2014

Why does new technology spread so slowly in many industries?

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Rivalry's Poor Returns

Feature | June 24, 2014

New research suggests that, in some settings, ethnic loyalties trump productivity.

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Eyeballing the Experts

Feature | March 21, 2014

What can umpires’ mistakes tell us about how status and reputation influence decision making?

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Driving Productivity

Feature | February 14, 2014

New technology empowers firms — but can leave individuals in the dust.

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Home Team Advantage

Feature | December 30, 2013

For nursing, hyperlocal knowledge and experience are keys to stellar teamwork — delivering better healthcare while shrinking costs.

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Do Diverse Teams Work Harder — and Better?

Feature | December 20, 2013

Individuals who view their colleagues as different than themselves focus less on getting along and more on getting to work.

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Share a Little, Save a Lot

Feature | November 07, 2013

New research shows that when low-skilled employees tap the knowledge of their better-skilled peers, productivity increases.

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