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A Decisive Victory — and an Uncertain Future — for the UK

Viewpoints | May 28, 2015

In May’s unexpected landslide victory for the Conservative Party, Columbia Business School economist Geoff Heal sees an uncertain future for the United Kingdom and its ties to Europe and the world.

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Growth Sometimes Wins

Viewpoints | May 26, 2015

In the Conservative Party’s unexpected landslide victory in the UK, Columbia Business School professor Charles Calomiris sees a mix of smart, populist politics, and a citizenry ready to trade short-term comfort for austerity’s promise of long-term growth.

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Trading Up

Feature | March 27, 2015

New research suggests access to high-income export markets could raise productivity and profitability for businesses across the developing world

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Fragile by Design

Off The Shelf | August 21, 2014

In his new book, Professor Charles Calomiris shows how unlikely political coalitions have contributed to banking crises in some countries, and helped create stability in others.

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Rivalry's Poor Returns

Feature | June 24, 2014

New research suggests that, in some settings, ethnic loyalties trump productivity.

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Has “Say on Pay” Worked?

Feature | June 24, 2014

Shareholder voting on executive compensation has done little to curb CEO pay — but has brought transparency to governance.

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One Book or Two?

Feature | April 24, 2014

The link between tax liability and internal pricing.

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When Women Rule, Nations Prosper

Feature | February 21, 2014

Women leaders boost the economies of fractious nations at much higher rates than their male counterparts.

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Lessons from Asia in Financial Development

Off The Shelf | January 24, 2014

Hugh Patrick discusses the liberalization of financial systems behind the remarkable economic development of China, Japan, and Korea.

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Reversing the Brain Drain

Feature | September 30, 2013

Skilled foreign workers who return home may find transferring knowledge to be surprisingly difficult — but there are remedies.

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